Planking old news, Tebowing new rage

Lucas Hamilton/Entertainment Editor

Planking swept the mainstream craze when people started to post pictures of themselves acting like a board balancing on random objects. Then came owling/gargoyleing in which people would perch on top of whatever was deemed appropriate and stare into the distance. And who could ever forget leisure diving? People jump into pools with things like suits, pajamas or even a cup of coffee, and once in mid-air, strike a leisurely pose, and camera gold is created.

For more clarification on what these actually look like, don’t be afraid to Google them, but be warned that you may feel incredibly compelled to try them for yourself.

With all these pose striking phenomenas, what’s next?

Thanks to Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, planking is so last week, and Tebowing is where the fun lies.

The craze was started after Tebow got down on one knee to pray after the Broncos unheard of comeback win over the Miami Dolphins in less than 5 minutes.

After the game-winning field goal in overtime, Tebow got down on one knee, held his hand to his head and prayed.

He did all of this while the rest of the team was celebrating.

Tebowing began when a Broncos fan, Jared Kleinstein, posted a picture to Facebook of him and his friends imitating the religious quarterback.

Within weeks, Kleinstein and his friends had set up a company and a website dedicated to Tebowing.

People can submit their own photos to the website and view others’ Tebowing pictures.

Some of the top submitted photos include a dog, two surgeons on an operating bed and people Tebowing the actual Tebow, taking after the Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch who sacked Tebow and mocked him by Tebowing right in front of him.

Most people laughed at the defensive celebration, but others were incredibly offended.

Commence the firestorm of believers and non-believers hurling insults back and forth.

Let’s get a couple things straight.

We live in the United States, where freedom of religion is an unalienable right.

Unfortunately, people don’t understand that if you choose to express your religion openly and pursue the conversion of others who simply do not care, then the floor becomes open to all criticisms, mockeries and arguments.

Those who are up in arms about Tebow being Tebowed are simply ignorant.

It is a football game, so, of course, there will be celebrations.

But as far as Tebowing itself, it’s a creative craze that people can have fun with.

Honestly, what problems can come from people posing and taking a picture of it?

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