Girls basketball team ready to kick off new season

Lindsey Davis/Staff Writer

One thing that can be said of the women’s basketball season last year was that it was a little rocky.

This year is a whole new story, and so far one thing the team has shown is drastic improvement.

At the beginning of the 2010 season the girls were starting with a loss of five starters from the previous year.

Head coach Dan List sums this situation up best.

“We were very young and inexperienced and it showed, especially early in the year.

By the end of the year the girls began gelling and coming together as a team and they played very good basketball,” said List.

If they started to play good basketball 10 months ago, they can really play now.

“This year we’re more experienced and we get along better,” said junior Emily Neff.

Last year’s team seemed to be a sort of melting pot of players.

Kaz Brown, then a freshman, was quickly pulled up and thrown in with an assortment of girls of all ages.

Three sophomores were also pulled to Varsity.

Four juniors and only three seniors were the only previous high school players.


One would be likely to say yes.

The 2011 season can only be seen as a whole new ball game.

“We return most of our team from last year and will be much improved.

We have size, athleticism, and experience,” said Coach List.

The first game is coming up quickly on the girls, and they have been working hard every day in preparation.

“We have only been practicing for two weeks, but getting our feet under us and getting into basketball shape is our primary goal,” said List.

In conclusion from the team, everyone is very excited and hopeful for the 2011 season.

Ask anyone and they will tell you how far the team has come since last year.

“I’m looking forward to getting better and working hard to be the team we’ve always wanted to be,” said senior Krystal Graves.

Charles City on Nov. 22 is the first regular season matchup for the Tigers.

Early season games help the girls get a taste of the upcoming season as well as a few games under their belt.

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