Student led prayer group formed

Chandal Geerdes/News Editor

Claim Your Campus is the newest group to join Cedar Falls High School.

This group is student led and has one thing to offer for those who want to join: the movement of prayer every day in school.

“We pray for sports teams, the student body and staff,” junior Ellen Jones said.

This group gets together every Monday and Friday morning at 7:45 a.m. at the horse shoe entrance.

This group is open to anyone, and since it’s student led, there are no requirements to join except having an open mind and being ready to pray.

“We really believe prayer does something.

We want to pray for the believers and non believers,” Jones said.

The idea of Claim Your Campus came from a conference that was held last year in Indiana.

The seminar that talked specifically about Claim Your Campus was called Fusion.

The goal of this new group is stepping up and standing up for school and Christian beliefs.

It also helps out Christians who may be confused with their beliefs and want a comfortable place to express them and share their feelings.

“We want to do what we can to reach out to people,” Jones said.

Students that are involved now and those who started this group are senior Kourtney Underwood and junior Beth Keesy.

They wanted to bring something new to the school and something that was student led.

They feel they are both taking the next step in being leaders.

“God was telling me to help out with something student led that would benefit a lot of people,” senior Kourtney Underwood said.

Anyone is welcome to join this group and should feel welcome anytime.

The number in the group differs each day, but the hope is for higher numbers as word gets out about this new student led group.

If you have any questions you can ask either Kourtney Underwood or Beth Keesy for help.

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