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It’s hard to believe some Iowans still go hungry, when Iowa is home to 32 of 100 of the United States’ largest food manufacturers and processors.

But in August, a reported 400,000 Iowans received some form of food assistance, which raises the question: why aren’t we doing our part?

Hunger doesn’t discriminate; it affects both adults and children alike.

This last year, the Northeast Iowa Food Bank reported that 35,000 meals were served to school-aged children alone.

At least 55 counties throughout Iowa are in need of food.

In response, the high school will host its annual food drive this fall.

The goal is to collect 30,000 pounds of food, a small amount compared to the hundreds of thousands needed.

But whether you bring one can or 20, every item counts. Donation days will continue from Oct. 4 to Nov. 14.

While many complain that teachers don’t motivate students enough to participate in the food drive, it is ultimately up to students to decide how much food is collected.

If you feel your class isn’t staying up to par with its canned donataions, bring in cans yourself, because everyone knows actions speak louder than words.

This could be the best food drive the high school has ever seen.

But remember: what you put into it is what you get out of it.

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