Sophomore fan inspires Tigers

 Jared Hylton/Staff Writer

Walking the halls of Cedar Falls High School, sophomore John Hu-Chen may seem just like another student, but he has a passion burning deep inside him that most other students don’t possess.

Hu-Chen is not only friendly with everyone in the halls, he follows his sociable nature in attending and supporting the athletic teams.

“I have a lot of friends on sports teams. It’s very exciting to watch my friends compete,” Hu-Chen said.

Fellow sophomore student and varsity football player Hayden Shea loves having Hu-Chen at games.

“I can always hear him in the stands, and even when we’re losing, he’s still cheering hard,” Shea said.

“I always stay until the very end of the game to show my respect to my friends that are competing. If I could, I would congratulate them after the game,” Hu-Chen said.

Hu-Chen proved this statement by staying extra late after the football team’s two home playoff games to congratulate the players on their way to the locker room.

Hu-Chen first began attending Cedar Falls athletic events in grade 8 when Mr. Peters from Holmes introduced Hu-Chen to football games. Ever since, Hu-Chen has been hooked.

This year Hu-Chen made it to all 12 of the football team’s games. His two favorite sports to watch are football and basketball.

Rain or shine, win or lose, you know “super-fan” Hu-Chen will be there cheering on the Tigers.

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