High school theft at increasing rate

Chandal Geerdes/Staff Writer

Only two and a half months into the school year and theft is already increasing at a fast pace.Associate Principal Dr. Dana Deines has received several reports of missing iPods, cell phones and billfolds from a rash of thefts in the high school.

These reports have primarily come from the men’s and women’s locker room area because students have been leaving them in the open instead of locked up in their lockers.

Brady Cervetti said he wasn’t worried about people stealing his personal belongings until he got his iPod stolen last year in the locker room during P.E.

“It breaks my heart when a student comes in frustrated because they trusted their classmates,” Deines said.

The school policy about cell phones and iPods states that they should not be in the classrooms and should only be seen in the halls during passing periods. Students are advised to leave them in their lockers or even in their cars or at home.

Some students feel opposed to this advisement.

“That’s dumb. If we’re allowed to have them in passing periods, why would we not take advantage of that,” sophomore Natalie Rokes said.

The reasons behind the thefts in the men’s locker room may be because there are more entrances into the room and there is no immediate adult supervision. Unlike the women’s locker room, the men’s is tucked into a slow traffic hallway.

Theft has skyrocketed to the point where three items were stolen from the locker room within three to five days. Many unusual things have come up missing.

“Even math books have gotten stolen in year’s past,” P.E. teacher Jamie Smith said.

Sophomore Natalie Rokes had many of her items stolen from her on the last day of volleyball. Among these items was a brand new T-shirt that did not belong to her, but to her teammate, junior Allie Wirth.

“What the crap? Why would you take that? It’s not even important,” Rokes said after the T-shirt, shorts and money were stolen.

Cedar Falls High School takes theft very seriously and works with the Cedar Falls Police Department to deter any type of criminal activity.

If a student is caught stealing or taking things from another student, he or she could face suspension and prosecution from the police.

“We take prosecution to the fullest extent to deter from that behavior,” Deines said.

If a student has stolen something, it is mandatory for them to have a conference with their parents and a principal before they are allowed back to school.

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