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Just about everyone has passed time surfing the Internet. Whether checking emails, Facebook or just researching for school, students are online, and it’s no surprise that here at the Tiger Hi-Line we have gone viral for our readers and listeners.

We would like to encourage you to check out our journalism website. All you have to do is go to the high school home page and click on “Stories by Students Journalists.” You can find our recent edition of the Tiger Hi-Line, and you will also find our stories from past staff writers.

Along with Hi-line articles, our broadcast class also offers podcasts and webepisodes. Last Friday’s episode of The Hi-Line Online revisited a topic focused on last spring: Belagarth, the student-run medieval reenactment club. Also featured among the weekly stories are two seasonal topics: what students are planning to dress up as for Halloween and Casey Schwickerath and his plans to ready his dog for the upcoming hunting season.

Or you can browse on over to the “Listen” section where you’ll find regular shows, such as “Crafts with Lizzie” produced by senior Lizzie Dobson, “It’s Magic” produced by Austin Schuab, and “El Rincon de la Comida!” produced by Jose Knief and Jaime Zarate. These shows are guaranteed to help pass the time and cure your boredom.

We want people to know that not only can we inform, but also entertain, so support your fellow writers and webbloggers. All you have to do is check us out on-line.

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