Freshman contributing factor to varsity volleyball


She’s the tallest player on the team, fourth in kills and has the third highest kill efficiency on the team.

No, she’s not a senior, junior or sophomore. Freshman Kaz Brown has been a huge factor in the varsity volleyball team’s success this season.

The 39-26 Tigers have been joined by not one, but two undeclassmen; sophomore Miranda Dusenberry also started varsity as a freshman last year. Dusenberry is continuing to make a difference; she currently leads the team in kills.

Senior Sydney Howard said, “Kaz and Miranda play two totally different positions, but both of them came in as freshmen and have been very helpful to our program.”

The jump from eighth grade volleyball to varsity can be shocking at first for freshman players, but Brown has quickly gotten a grasp on varsity, picking up 87 kills in only 69 games.

“It’s kind of nerve-racking and can get hard sometimes,” Brown said. “That first game I was really nervous at first, but I was also excited. I just didn’t want to mess up.”

If Brown had any doubters at the beginning of this season, she has definitely quieted them.

“Having Kaz play varsity is a huge part of our team this year. She is a big player that adds a lot to the team,” Howard said.

Brown has been a major factor in helping the Tiger volleyball team jump out to an early 4-1 conference record, but you can’t leave Dusenberry out of the equation as she also has 212 kills to her name in only 67 games.

When you combine these two underclassmen, you get a recipe for disaster for anyone who stands in the Tigers’ way.

The next time the team will be in action is tonight against the Cedar Rapids Xavier Saints at home. The start time is 5:30 p.m.

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