Writer questions Boise State: Team should wait for its chance in 2011

In response to the opinion in the Sept. 21 edition of the Hi-Line, should the Boise State Broncos be allowed to play in the BCS championship game? No they should not.

The Broncos have two ranked opponents on their schedule this season, Virginia Tech and Oregon State.

They did come out strong in week one with a thought-to-be-big win against a highly-ranked Virginia Tech team, but it is the same Virginia Tech team that lost to FCS division James Madison in week two.

The Broncos are in a 15- game win streak currently, but only three of those games were against ranked teams (Virginia Tech, Oregon and TCU). If you look at the other teams currently ranked in the top five (excluding TCU) they all have at least two more games against ranked teams in the same 15-game span.

Number-one-in-the-polls Alabama has had seven wins against ranked teams in its 16-game win streak.

The fact is that even if Boise State does win out on its cake walk schedule, it still will not get a shot at the national championship.

An undefeated or even a one-loss BCS team would get the national championship bid over Boise State simply because of strength of schedule.

The WAC conference win should not even put them in the argument. As of 2011, Boise State will be a member of the BCS Mountain West conference, which will give them some bigger games and some more credibility, so until then or a BCS playoff system, we will keep wondering if Boise State can hang with the big kids or not.

Steve Mauer


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