Students must consider personal effects of national economic crisis

By Tasha Woods 2010

My ears perk up as I listen to the latest unemployment concerns on National Public Radio (NPR).

“Unemployment, spiking, Citigroup announcing this week it will cut 50,000 jobs. The Fed says joblessness will go higher next year.” Tom Ashbrook the radio host states the seriousness of the issue.

Listener Brian Cummings of Milton Massachusetts relates: “I was laid off yesterday after about 10 years working on health care software. The reason: Across the board budget cuts.”

As for other hard working Americans, some are expecting the “pink slip” soon. According to, “More than 900 state government jobs in Iowa are being eliminated through layoffs, retirements and unfilled vacancies. The layoffs are the result of a $300 million shortfall in state revenues. About 160 state workers will be laid off, 350 vacant positions will go unfilled and 400 jobs will be eliminated through retirements.”

It’s affecting those already in a career, retiring members and new ambitious students. Women are often an easy target, especially if they are pregnant; listener Anne on Ashbrook’s NPR show states the attitude of “she’s having a baby and will want to stay home anyway.”

This is already a big problem, and personally I am not a fan of some of America’s values. So what is something one could do to prevent this from happening?

Just like recently laid off workers, many seniors are concerned about their futures. Will they will be accepted into their schools of choice, be able to afford them, move away from friends and family, be able to afford necessities, and continue on their pampered lives? Whether you’re in it for the money or something you love, current seniors and younger students should consider the major national problem due to the economic crisis.

If your plans include college, taking a broad band of courses could help you if you’re ever in this situation. Instead of going back to school because your job is eliminated, you could try to go into another field that you have had some experience in.

Among other things, you can never be to sure about your job. Career options and accountability are two things that a graduate should take into consideration when moving and taking college courses. Being aware of the seriousness of this issue is just the first step.

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