Dome hosts Special Olympics

special olympics

Donald Halbmaier/Staff Writer

When someone thinks of the UNI Dome, they think of roaring crowds and state football matches.

One thing not too many people think about is that the UNI Dome is used for the local district Special Olympics track meet.

On Sunday, March 29, nearly 200 people filled the UNI Dome to watch the meet. Competitors participated in events that are a part of a typical track meet.
Throughout the day the athleletes showed off their abilities against each other as well as other schools.

“They had some UNI football players challenge some atheletes to a throw off in the softball throw, and they almost got beat, so that was exciting.” senior and student coach Alex Entz said.

To the 19 CFHS students that ran, shot and threw coach Scott Bohlmann said it’s not about winning.

“I ran track in high school, so when I would run bad I would mope and get dissapointed about it, but these students never get down about not winning. They are just happy to be involved and to be running,” Bolhmann said.

These Olymics aren’t just a way to show off the athletic talents. They are a way for the students to bond with others from different schools and get the sense of community.

“Speaking with special education instructors, like Frahm and Bakula, I can tell that the students look forward to the events all year long. I also get to see them all make friends at events that they get to see again,” Bohlmann said.

Thirteen of the 19 students will be sent to the state meet in Ames in May.

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