Speech team receives top marks at State

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On Saturday, Feb. 6, the CFHS speech team went to the state competition with high hopes, and came home victoriously.

Every one of the nine events that went to State received Division I ratings.

Each performance receives Division I, II, III, or IV ratings, with Division I being the highest.

The overall rating is a combination of all three judges’ scores.

Thirteen speech groups from Cedar Falls High School performed at District Large Group Speech Contest two weeks ago at Union LaPorte City High School and nine of the events advanced to State Speech Contest.

The CFHS speech team has had All-State performers  consistently since 2003.

“Last year, one of the musical theater groups was selected to perform at the All State Festival and several people were nominated for individual events,” coach Rebecca Kauten said.

“Groups that receive three Division I ratings and are nominated by one or more judges are then eligible to perform at the Large Group All-State Festival, which is Saturday, February  20 at Iowa State University. The top 300 performances from across Iowa are selected by the IHSSA All-State Committee and recognized with a ceremony at the Iowa State Center.

All State nominations will be announced Monday, Feb. 8 by the IHSSA all-state committee,” Kauten said.

The events that were nominated for the All State Speech festival will be updated soon on the Iowa High School Speech Association website.

State  Speech Acts and Performers

ONE ACT PLAY: The Actor’s Nightmare

Carter Allen, Leah Franke, Katelin DeSerano, Sarah Postel, Mason Walsh, Scott Sesterhenn, Lukas Schwekendiek

ENSEMBLE ACTING:The Philadelphia

Greyson Henderson, Gage Stoneman, Darby Sheehan

ENSEMBLE ACTING – Captive Audience

Blake Cervetti, Logan Henderson, Dylan Martin, Jillian Ross


Olivia Franke, Kassy Salmon, Maggie Devine

READERS’ THEATRE – The War at Home/Wasteland

Casey Andrews, Austyn Christiansen, Anne Feinup, Olivia Franke, Sam Gaffney, Courtney Hicks, Emma Husome, Raud Kaschef, Brii Keiga, Noelle Konieczny, Grace McNeal, Lukas Schwekendiek, Zachary Souhrada-Rogers


Mija Bean, Raud Kashef, Zachary Souhrada-Rogers, Justin Marshall, Mason Wise, Michaela Oehler, Elena Bruess, Scott Sesterhenn


Maya Amjadi, Leah Franke, Sam Heinen, Logan Henderson, Emily Highnam, Nathan Hua, Justin Marshall, Samantha Takes


Carter Allen, Katelin DeSerano, Karen Davison, Riley Martin, Gage Stoneman, Samantha Takes

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