Lame ‘Hell Week’ pranks preferred to school destruction

Our View

News flash: The Tiger Hi-Line has nothing terrible to report on homecoming week!
In past years, ‘Hell Week’ has given us here at the Hi-Line plenty of unfortunately newsworthy topics to write about. However, this year CFHS students played it fairly safe in terms of pranks. Of course there were some pranks, but the difference between this year and past years is the fact that none of them were destructive to the school or physically harmed anyone. We believe that this is a positive step forward as a high school.
Students may be thinking that the lack of pranks is boring and untrue to homecoming week and spirit. Well, we would rather be in a student body that doesn’t harm its peers or its building.
Not being (low-key) anarchists and instead pulling light-hearted pranks really shows the maturity of our school.
Most students who have been destructive during Hell Week have faced unpleasant consequences such as suspension and even arrest.
Besides, what kind of an adult behaves that way? In the real world, you won’t get very far with pernicious behavior like that.
We are nearly adults. We want to be treated like adults. To be treated like adults, we have to act like adults. The great thing about this whole last week is that CFHS students have proved that we are responsible to be treated as such. We will be successful human beings because we have showed that we can pull away from wrongful traditions and instead respect our school and our peers. And by respecting them, we respect ourselves.

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