Student versus faculty basketball game helps local needs

Jillian Dally/Business Manager

Thursday night’s match up of CFHS faculty versus students will prove to be a game to end all games as both go head to head to break the 1-1 tie in this third year of the charity series.
“I am predicting the faculty to have a score of 112 and the students 34,” English teacher Doug Wilkenson said.

The faculty are hoping to break this one to one game tie, although Wilkenson believes last year’s student win was just a “myth.”

“We had to let them win at least once. We are not here to crush the students; we definitely want them to come back,” Wilkenson said.

Senior leadership is sponsoring this event.

“I expect Wilkenson to run his mouth, NEIBA to suck air and the women faculty to dominate,” senior adviser and English teacher Diane Flaherty said.

NEIBA, a student run basketball league that has dominated other fun athletic contests throught the year, wants to make their presence known at the game but are encouraging others to sign up as well.

“Of course NEIBA will be there. We like to take advantage of every opportunity to support our school and spread our name throughout the community,” senior Kyle Bernard said.
The faculty’s strategy is far different than that of the students’.

“Well, we paid off the officials. There will be a lot of fouling, but none of it will be called on us. We are just better than students, particularly senior boys,” Wilkinson said.

“We plan to use our youth to our advantage and try to make the staff tired,” Bernard said.
The NEIBA boys said they are not going to stoop to the level of trash talking this year.
“You should expect NEIBA to carry the student team to a victory over the staff, and do it in a very classy manner,” Bernard said.

Wilkenson said that if anyone needed a reminder of what to expect for the game to come and see him before Thursday.

“I expect Mr. Wilkenson to run his mouth all week, but I’m sure he’ll run out of things to say when the game starts and his team is losing by 20,” Bernard said.

Senior leadership is sponsoring this game not only for fun but for some good causes too.
“Right now Senior Leadership, SSR and Student Forum are hosting. We would like to raise enough money to give some to the Tiger Hi-Line and also to Relay for Life, as we have students and staff who have been battling with cancer or have had cancer,” Flaherty said.

Tickets cost $5, and everyone has to pay, including coaches, players, spectators and even the referees.

“Student Forum is having concessions, and there is going to be an old-fashioned sock hop after the game until 10 p.m., which will also be located in the gym. We want everyone to attend, even parents,” Flaherty said.

The game is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. in the high school gym.

“We really want as many people to come and support the cause. It’s just a really fun time for both students and faculty,” Flaherty said.


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