Sexting can result in legal troubles, future embarrassments for students

Lauren Bonner/Staff Writer

One in five teens admit they’ve sent a sext. A sext is a text message that includes a nude or semi-nude picture of themselves or someone else.

About a third of young adults say they’ve sent or posted a naked or semi-naked photo or video of themselves, because they’re fun and flirtatious.

Sexting is becoming well known among teens and young adults. Mainly because of all the news that has been buzzing around it.

The news talks about what has happened to those who have sexted. For example, in Greensburg, Penn., three high school girls sent semi-nude photos to four male classmates, who are now facing child pornography charges.

For those caught with sexts, not only could they be charged with possessing child pornography, but they could ultimately have to register as sex offenders — next to those who have raped and molested.

Many students think they’re sending a fun picture to their boyfriend or girlfriend, when in reality it’s much more. What happens if you break up with them and they saved the picture? That person could send the so called “fun” picture to everyone they know. Does it still seem like fun?

Once a sext has been sent, anyone could view it. Many say they feel sorry for those people. Some teens do it because they’re pressured. Their significant other says, “If you love me, you’ll send me a picture,” and thus the person does it, just to make their companion happy.

When parents find out what their teen has been doing, they become furious. They think “What the heck were they thinking. Anyone could see it.”

There are ways that parents can find/prevent sexting. New software allows parents to read their child’s text messages even if they’ve been deleted. Some programs can be programmed to let parents know when there teen is using words such as “hook up” or “meet up.”

If parents want to know if their child has been doing something inappropriate, there are other easy ways to find out. First, type the child’s first and last name in quotes in the search engine Google.

This will show any activity a child has had. Second, do the same thing but with their phone number. Last, download Google Desktop. Google Desktop searches a computer for pictures and videos.

If a parent would find something, they should talk to their child and tell them the consequences of their actions and the potential danger they could be in.

I personally feel that sexting is something that should be stopped. The only way to stop it, is to inform

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