23 CFHS students participate in Spring Model UN

Ben Olsen/Staff Writer

Students with an interest in debate and learning about different countries and their political issues got their fill at the Spring Model United Nations event last Thursday and Friday, April 16 and 17 at the University of Northern Iowa.

According to Model U.N. adviser and government teacher Andrea Aykens, the turnout for Cedar Falls was great.

“Twenty-three CFHS students participated in the conference,” Aykens said.
At the Spring Conference, Model U.N. students represent countries and discuss global issues concerning those countries.

During their meetings once a week leading up to the Spring Conference, students gather information about those countries they will be representing.

“Students prepare position papers on assigned topics prior to attending the conference so they are well informed of their country’s position on the topics that will be discussed. At the conference students work with other students from Iowa, Illinois and Missouri who are representing other countries to seek peaceful solutions to global issues,” Aykens said.“It took me two full days to write a paper on my topic and issues. At the conference, different groups wrote bills and everyone voted on whether to pass them or not,” sophomore Faran Malik said.
This spring, the CF group was assigned three countries to represent.

“We represented the countries of Haiti, Jordan and Slovakia this year. Each year students are assigned different countries to represent by the UNI secretariat — the UNI students who lead the spring conference,” Aykens said.

“This time I represented Haiti. The issues I researched were political insecurity and police participation in organized crime. It was really interesting,” Malik said.

The most experienced members of Model U.N. are chosen as head delegates for the conference and provide information to the discussions along with other members.

This year, head delegates were Tyler Schaub, representing Haiti; Kensie Smith, representing Jordan; and Sarah Weber, representing Slovakia.

“Students did a wonderful job representing their countries and participating in debate. Tyler, Kensie and Sarah provided excellent leadership to their country delegations and will be missed next year,” Aykens said.


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