Stress Management Club, counselors aid students

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Students are stressed. It’s a simple fact. With the activity-filled holiday season coming up and money from summer jobs starting to run out, students have to keep a lot of aspects of their life in check.
We at the Tiger HiLine have some helpful tips for you. We spoke briefly to Ryan Flaherty, Cedar Falls High School guidance counselor.

“High school can be a very stressful time of your life,” he said, “and we’re always glad to help. When dealing with stress, we do three things. First, we try to identify what’s causing the stress.” This can be anything from a class at school to troubles in your home life. “Then we figure out what the student can change about that. Obviously, if you’re having troubles with your mom, she’s going to be around, so we try to see what else we can change. Then we give the students tips to help them manage their stress.”

Tips we found range from making sure to get a good night’s sleep to eating healthy. One of the best stress management tips is talking it out with others.

That’s exactly what the new student-managed stress management club is trying to help with. Senior Amanda Wolf had the Stress Management Club’s first meeting on Thursday, December 4. We encourage students to attend the club and also to speak to their counselors if they’re having stress issues.

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