Some planning early graduation

Linden Terpstra/Staff Writer
Many seniors are deciding to graduate early this year, breaking free of high school and pursuing their future beyond it.

Senior Hilary Leonard is such a case.

“I decided to graduate early because I wanted to start college and get on with my life,” Leonard said. “I felt it was time to become an adult and take that first step.”

Leonard already has her future planned out and is simply getting a head start. “I’m planning on going to community college to get my general education done, then transfer to UNI and get a degree in psychology,” she said.

Throughout the many perks of moving forward, there are many memories left behind.
“[I will miss] just being around my friends every day. However, I know that we will all stay in touch,” Leonard said.

While many are looking towards post-secondary education, senior Laura Zeman plans to venture off the general route. “I got the opportunity to work in the Iowa House of Representatives second semester, and to do it I had to graduate early,” she said.

“[I plan] to work as a page and split my weekends between Des Moines and Cedar Falls.”
Zeman holds no regrets as she advances into her future. “I’ve enjoyed my time at Cedar Falls, but I am ready to move on.”

Other seniors that plan to graduate early include Stephanie Adolphs, Sara Ahlschwede, Derek Balm, Brandon Curtis, Hillary Gallagher, Wyatt Guthrie, April Hackman, Brandon Held, Sydney Jesse, Garett Johnson, Trenisha Jones, Austin Kaus, Katie Kelly, Sabrina Larson, Sarah Leedom, Matt Lumetta, Jalia Ravn, Zach Stow, Sara Thompson, Bryce Wirtz and Iva Zdiliar.
However, this list is tentative due to the fact that all students must meet the graduation requirements, and it will not be final until the end of the semester.

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