Students get out of control at end of homecoming week

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On Friday, Oct. 3, homecoming week took an unfortunate turn — it seemed that all of the pranks had been saved up for that one day. Pranks included fire alarms, smoke bombs, glitter-throwing, water balloon-chucking … and kicking down a sophomore and spraying him in the face with a fire extinguisher.

The first pranks of that list seem relatively harmless, but the final is anything but. Chemicals such as carbon dioxide and mono ammonium phosphate are found in common fire extinguishers and spraying them in someone’s face is highly dangerous.
Before Friday, the few pranks of homecoming week didn’t hurt anyone. There was no vandalism like last year and no suspensions or arrests.

On Friday, several suspensions were placed upon students involved in pranks, and one student was arrested.
We believe that Friday went terribly awry. Homecoming week should be kept safe and fun. In the past, events such as powder puff football have been non-school sponsored and have resulted in harassment. This year, Student Forum sponsored power puff and used flags instead of tackles. There was no harassment, only competitiveness.

If that can change, why not pranks? Why can’t we, as CFHS students, have enough respect for our school and peers that we don’t do any harm to them? Homecoming week can be a lot of fun without destruction.
2008 was an improvement in terms of havoc wreaked, but we can do better.

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