Mock election gives youth political voice

Ben Olsen/Staff Writer

Cedar Falls had 34 musicians selected to participate at the annual Iowa All-State Music Festival in Hampton on Saturday, Oct. 25.

History will be made in two weeks with the 2008 presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Cedar Falls High School won’t be left out of the excitement, though. There will be a mock election held in the MRC on Halloween Friday in the morning before school and throughout the day to measure the student view.

According to U.S. history teacher Bob Schmidt, this school election is long overdue.
“This is our first formal by-the-book mock election. The social studies department will be conducting the process,” Schmidt said.

Already in the campaigns, there is a wide array of important issues that will sway people to vote for one candidate versus another.

“I think future energy resources, the economy and foreign policy are really important this time around,” junior Bailey Pons said.

Still, others feel a combination of issues will determine the winner.

“I think whichever candidate is going to have the best impact on our country and will change people’s attitudes will win it. I’m excited I get to vote in the real election this time,” senior Melanie Adrian said.

Besides Adrian, many other seniors who have reached the voting age will be able to vote in the real election along with the mock one.

“I finally get to vote this year. It’s important because we need qualified people in the job,” senior Ashley Ehrig said.

On Halloween, students’ sharp opinions will be directed to the ballot, but until then, many are very vocal about their choices.

“I’m voting for Obama because it’s time for a change, and I feel his direction is the right direction and will make the best impression and help our economy,” sophomore Sarah Postel said.

“I would vote for McCain because Obama’s plans are too socialist,” sophomore Josh Sims said.
Still, others feel that neither candidate fits the bill for our country.
“There should be a third party because no one is qualified in my opinion,” sophomore Sonja Pryzbylski said.

One advantage of this mock election is that it resembles the actual voting process, with students having to have registered to participate.

“It just makes things much more realistic,” Schmidt said.

After the voting, the ballots will be counted and results will be announced later that day.

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