DECA conference perpares members for business

Aubrey Caruso/Staff Writer

The almost 50 members of DECA at Cedar Falls are just a small piece of the large group of kids attending the Fall Conference this October.

Belonging to DECA benefits students with a career interest in hospitality, finance, sales and service, business administration and entrepreneurship.

“I think DECA is preparing me for the future because I’m interacting with a lot of different people, and being put on the spot in front of adults, helping my public speaking skills and readiness DECA is a fun learning environment because of all of the people in it, and, of course, Flaherty always adds some zest to it,” junior Allison Duchman said.

While in DECA, members are given scenarios of the troubles businesses could go through, and they are supposed to present a way to solve this problem.

“I think DECA is a great way to ready people for interviews, business presentations and functions,” junior Alexis Rokes said.

Even though DECA may be a challenge, there are ways it can benefit for the future.
Some things members can do for the competitions are role-playing, testing as an individual or as a team, participating in Quiz Bowl, writing a paper and giving a presentation.
They cover a number of different marketing and business topic areas.

“I believe that for the most part, DECA prepares students in many different ways for many aspects in life. I think it gives students a real opportunity to gain social and communication skills. Both of these are evident and present in every conference and competition we go to. Students meet other students in responsible and fun settings. They also interact with a number of adults and business people from around the state and country. It is constantly a learning environment,” Flaherty said.

Over the year CFHS students have done well in competitions. At the national competitions, Jaclyn Landau placed 3rd in 2005 and 10th in 200, and Troy Patterson placed 7th in 2007.
There are over 4,500 high schools throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and territories, Mexico, Germany and Canada involved in DECA.

To get ready for a competition, students are required to do it themselves. Flaherty will help them with terms and advice/situations if they schedule a time with him. He will edit and proofread their business plans and research papers, but for the most part students work on their own project.

“I like to be involved in DECA because it gives you a feel of what the business world is really like,” Rokes said.

DECA’s fall conference is Oct. 5-6 held in Des Moines.

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