New powder puff plan deserving of support

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The much-awaited week of homecoming is coming up once again, and students are anticipating participating in and watching this year’s powder puff football game; however, there will be some changes to this year’s game as Student Senate will be sponsoring it.

In the past, the annual powder puff football game has been a popular event, although not one officially associated with Cedar Falls High School.

Although there may be some resistance to the school taking a part in powder puff football, we believe that it will be a positive change. Powder puff football has a history of harassment as well as injuries for athletes to name only a few of its previous problems.

The game has always had its share of opportunities for fun and healthy competition between seniors and juniors; however, in the past few years these positive aspects of powder puff football have been overshadowed by the problems associated with it.
This is why we support Student Senate’s involvement with powder puff football this year. We believe that by involving the school with powder puff football, the more positive aspects of the game will be restored.

Now, powder puff football can continue to be a fun event to both participate in and watch without all of the negative aspects.
It’s not just the CFHS image that will be improved. By changing the game from touch football to flag football the valuable health of the athletes participating will be better protected. The profits from concessions sold at the game could potentially even be used to improve the school or community.

We would like to thank and the Student Senate and its adviser Ryan Flaherty for sponsoring the new game. We hope through their involvement that the positive aspects of powder puff football will be reinforced.

Powder puff football can now truly become fun homecoming tradition that it is meant to be.

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