Something Elegant: CFHS treble choir hosts prom sale with affordable dresses, accessories

Max Herre/Staff Writer
As prom approaches most students check the web pages from leading dress producers to get a sneak peek at some of the best looking dresses of the season, but pretty prom dresses have their price and not everybody can or wants to spend so much money on a dress that they are just going to wear once.

With this thought in the back of her head, choir teacher Kendra Wohlert and the women’s choir decided to sell gently used prom dresses for a lot less than their original price, which makes them very affordable for students with tight budgets.

“Part of the experience of prom for young women is the buying of the dress. Girlfriends get together and they make an afternoon (or two) of it. We want the women to have a unique and special experience buying a dress from us. Our choir room will be decorated like a boutique complete with complimentary tea and cakes. We have a large full length mirror and dressing rooms as well,” Wohlert said.

Even though junior Alicia Tindall has been looking for a dress for a long time, she supports the choir selling prom dresses.

“It’s a great idea. Prom is a fairly expensive event, and it’s great that prom dresses are being re-worn. I think it really helps out a lot of high school students who can’t afford the price of a new dress and other costs that prom includes,” Tindall said.

Wohlert and the women in choir are going to fit and sell the dresses. Interested buyers can just come into the “Something Elegant Boutique” (choir room 178 at the high school). The choir members will help them to find a dress in their size and preferred color.

The choir is also selling like new shoes, handbags, accessories and jewelry, as well as brand new lotions, perfume and makeup items.

“It is a win-win situation for everyone,” Wohlert said.

Wohlert said that the choir needed a fundraiser for its program but at the same time it can help women go to prom who otherwise couldn’t afford to go. She said in this economy everyone is hurting for money. Wohlert added that they “don’t feel right doing a fund raiser that sells cheap and largely useless items to family members just to get a percentage of the profit.”

The sale runs Saturday, March 7 from 12-4 and Sunday, March 8 from 1-4. The Something Elegant Boutique will also be available before, during and after school the week of March 9-12. The final sale is Tuesday, March 24 from 3:30-5.

The women’s choir is also looking for people who would like to sell their prom dresses and accessories on consignment as well. The students would pay a $10 non-refundable fee for handling and advertising of their dress or accessories and put whatever price the seller would like on it. The choir will do its best to sell the seller’s items. Donated dresses and accessories are welcomed too. For further questions, contact Wohlert at

For many students, prom is one of their most important events in their high school career.
Tindall admitted that she’d probably “be more excited when I get a dress, but I am definitely looking forward to prom this year. Prom is an event people usually remember their whole lives, and I am excited to share the experience with my friends.”

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