For the sake of the troops, support the war

By Taylor Lipps 2004

At this point it no longer matters whose side you are on. Whether you are a Bush hater or lover. Whether you think we should be in Iraq or not. Democrat or Republican.

Decisions have been made and whether we agree with them or not, it is absolutely necessary that we support them. There are men, some not much older than myself, who are laying their lives on the line for our country. They need our support.

When they watch TV and listen to the radio reports of what is happening back home, they need to hear that their country is 100 percent behind them. I’m sure it hurts them to hear people say that what they are doing is wrong.

Look at it this way: You’re about to invade a city in Iraq and you’re scared to death. there is a possibility you might not ever see your family again. you are listening to the radio the night before and hear how others say that what you are doing is wrong. Would you not much rather hear about how your country has come together to support you? That they hope for a successful, safe invasion?

When I turn on the news and see coverage of anti-war protesters, it makes me angry — especially with those who are marching with signs and disrupting traffic and just overall causing mayhem.

This makes no sense at all. How is this in an way protesting the war? We are already there. Bush is not going to just pull out because some of us are waving signs out in front of his home.

All these people are doing is costing our country more money. Police forces are being forced to hire overtime to monitor the growing number of protesters. Hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in major cities across the United States are being wasted in this way. Would it not make more sense to use that money for our troops overseas?

Also, now that we have troops over there, does it not make sense to go ahead and get done what we are there to do? I think it is quite obvious that we are not going to leave without getting our mission accomplished. It would be pointless to go over there, cause all this destruction and then walk away with nothing accomplished. that would be something to protest! So now that we have taken action, we should all want success which in this case means the overthrow of Saddam.

I for one am in full support of our president, our country, our troops and the effort they all our making. I call on everyone to do the same.

I think people have forgotten that day, just a year and a half ago when our own country was attacked. Everyone was ready then. Why not now? There is sufficient evidence of nuclear weapons in Iraq. Do you wan to feel the way you felt that day again? I know I don’t.

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