Peer Friends: Frahm’s class builds on fun events to make friendly CFHS connections

Chandal Geerdes/News Editor

A one-hour performance is perfect for resource teacher Tammy Frahm’s class and their Peer Friends.

Peer Friends is a select group of students who help out and make positive friendships with Frahm’s students.

“I enjoy helping out. I’m considering working with special needs kids for a career, and it’s a good base to have,” junior Emma Hahn said.

Peer Friends is a responsible, well-rounded group of students who join Frahm and her students on field trips and class activities.

About once a month the Peer Friends and special needs students meet up to go on field trips to such places as Gallagher-Bluedorn.

“It’s nice to have a sense of community in the school,” Hahn said.

Peer Friends has been apart of Cedar Falls High school for four years now.

It was in the hands of previous counselor Ryan Flahrety, then counselor Erin Gardner and now its counselor Dan Weichers who gets his Peer Friends from the group Friends.

Anyone is welcome to join Peer Friends who has an ambition to work with the special needs students at CF.

“I like Peer Friends because they’re the nicest to have,” ninth grader Tanner Stewart said.

Peer Friends varies from the number of volunteers for each event.

Anyone can talk to Frahm or Weichers if interested in joining, but volunteers are asked to keep a consistent appearance.

“The worst thing that can happen is if a Peer Friend disappears,” Frahm said.

In past years Peer Friends and students have worked at Cattle Congress, helping out with Toys for Tots, going on multiple field trips and having many class parties and get togethers.

“We wanted to develop more friendships.

Peer Friends is a more appropriate learning tool for my students when we are out in public places,” Frahm said.

“The students talk about what they did all week long, and they tell their parents about it.”

On Oct. 24, the group got to enjoy a field trip to Gallagher-Bluedorn to see the Chinese Folk Dancers perform.

Also this year already planned is a field trip to see the Nutcracker, help at the food bank during December and holiday parties.

All those who participate enjoy spending time together.

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