Columnist introduces characters from her romance novel

I know that a lot of you whether you are in journalism with me or not always hear me talk about my books/book characters and are probably thinking what in the heck is this crazy broad talking about. Well, now you can finally know and meet some of my characters from a story that I have written. It’s in the school library at Cedar Falls High School. Just ask for the book by Rose O’Malley and Mrs. Hendrickson, and they should know what you are talking about.

Some background about the story is it takes place in 1997 Los Angeles, and the sequel takes place there as well all the way up into 1998. There are three main characters: Jared Brenner, Xander Ashmore and Meredith Allen.

This is going to be me interviewing them, so it will be written like an interview, only it will be just their answers. 

First up is Jared Brenner, and he might be pretty blunt, so prepare yourselves.

My full name is Jared Jeremiah Brenner, and I am from Los Angeles, California. I go to Brunswick Academic High School For Highly Intelligent Individuals, which is a prep school, I am the king of my school—no freakin’ exceptions. I am the former star quarterback for my school, and I had a football scholarship, but I quit because of being a homosexual. I am a crack addict. I smoke it for my anxiety, and I am an alcoholic. I drink Irish whiskey to forget I’m gay. I also suffer from ADHD, anxiety and severe depression. My parents work in the Twin Towers in New York as trade negotiators, and when they come home they completely ignore me. I was asked to talk about gay and normal. I don’t do this, but because it’s for an interview, I will do it. 

Finding out that I am homosexual ruined my life because suddenly I went from being the perfect son to a disappointment to myself, but the person I hurt most is Meredith, and that’s why I drink to forget I’m gay and be with Meredith again. But, yes, I did find someone of the same the sex that I love, and his name is Xander Ashmore; he’s the school nerd and goth outcast. That’s all I wish to say about both Xander and my curse of being gay.

Thank you for the interview. I freakin’ loved the attention!

They call me Queen! They call me Jared’s girl! But truths must be told and mine is a sad one. My boyfriend uses me as a cover for his secret boyfriend.

My first love. My first kiss. My once almost-husband. Jared Brenner. I’m the cheer captain at my school, I play the violin, and I’m a full-blooded Irish Catholic woman, so don’t piss me off. I am in my school’s choir program, I am an actress, and my favorite bands are Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. 

Jared and I have a daughter named Rose. We named her after Rose from Titanic, my favorite movie, and we have a daughter because we had too much to drink one night at one of his parties, and we got Rose. I struggle to get over Jared, but I am making slow progress with my love life. 

I am Xander Ashmore. The Christian, the nerd, the punk rock freak and the geek, but somehow the most popular guy in my whole school loves me. Jared Brenner loves me. I am reserved and don’t really care if people notice me or not. Jared is very funny when he’s not around his friends, though he bullies me. He is the one who makes me rebel against God a little. It’s sometimes hard, but I’ve learned that I need to loosen up. I’m kind of a mama’s boy. I have a sister named Aresebeth; she’s named after the red queen in Alice In Wonderland, and my favorite band is AC/DC, but I also like Queen.

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