Columnist introduces novel characters: Part two

I decided to do another meet my book characters story since all my others are Christmas related and we are not of November yet, so this time I will be doing four characters from The Hitman and The Hippie and from a short story book called The Women Who Persisted. 

Some background information about The Hitman and The Hippie is that it takes place in 1969 in Los Angeles, California with lots of real people, the Manson family is featured in this story however Manson’s right-hand man Tex Watson is one of the main characters. The character I will be focusing on from this story is my made-up character MoonClove Watson. She is the daughter of Tex Watson.  

It is a love story between him and a hippie girl that he met before he joined the cult. I would highly recommend that before you read this book if it ever gets published that you make sure to know the history before reading it is fascinating, though sometimes disturbing. 

For the next book, The Woman Who Persisted I will be focusing on two characters who are also in The Hitman and The Hippie. Gypsy, and Primrose. 

I am starting with MoonClove and she is kind of shy and sort of salty because she is bullied pretty badly.

My full name is MoonClove Gypsy Watson I was born in Bethel, New York at Woodstock on Sunday August 17. Yes, my parents are hippies well my mom was and my dad was more of a cowboy type from Farmersville, Texas. My name is a bit odd I know and it is because they were high when they named me my dad wanted to name me Clove and my mom wanted to name something else. But when she looked up at the moon she said ‘MoonClove’ so that’s why my name is kinda funny. My middle name is after my mom’s best friend. 

A lot of people hate me because let’s just say that I am famous for a bad reason my father is Tex Watson, he was Charles Manson’s right hand man and killed seven people including my mother’s favorite actress Sharon Tate. People at school call me Death Valley girl, Tex, baby killer, pyromaniac, murderer, and mentally ill. They also sing me Helter Skelter and ask if I am recruiting for The Manson Family today, my only friend is a woman named Primrose she knew my father. Primrose is my best friend and lets me call her Rose like my father does.

Thank you for interviewin’ me please just don’t use it to hurt me I’ve been hurt enough and so has my mom, and Rose. 

My name is Gypsy and I am the best girlfriend of Tex Watson’s fiance, I am basically like her mom. I’m vegan, I write poetry, meditate, I like to sew, knit, and crochet, I DO NOT support the Vietnam war no life is worth waisting for a stupid cause. Yes, I am a hippie and a liberal and a feminist deal with it man! I wear my hair in two waist-length double Dutch braids. I am also an herbalist, I do tarot cards, and I am a midwife with herbal medicine to make extra money. I adopted a little girl named Primrose who was in a bad situation so I got her out of it by adopting her when I was in New York for Woodstock. 

Thank you so much man for interviewing me far out! Peace, love, and hugs. 

My name is Primrose and I have a bad past. I am only willing to share it with you because my boyfriend John is here to hold my hand as I share. I was in Charles Manson’s cult when I was twelve because I was too naive and trusting, I was abused physically and emotionally. I was sexually assaulted, by Manson and the blind ranch owner George. My nickname in the cult was Rose. I like to read The Hardy Boys, play acoustic guitar, hang out with Tex’s daughter MoonClove (she is the only one who calls me Rose beside her dad who writes me from a prison in California), and I love going on dates with my wonderful boyfriend John. My boyfriend helped me find Jesus because for the longest time I was an atheist but also was afraid of Jesus because Manson said that’s who he was. So I feared the real Jesus not knowing that the real one wouldn’t hurt me, and I’ve already shared too much about myself! I have to go! Sorry.


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